A.M.I. – Agency for Medical Innovations – is an Austrian manufacturer of medical technology. All medical products are made according to the highest quality standards, and enable doctors to take even better care of their patients.
Together with leading surgeons and institutions the world over, A.M.I. develops innovative products and treatment methods for surgical use.

ATOMS – hydraulic system substitutes urinary sphincter function in incontinent males.

  • Long-term, adjustable implant
  • Hydraulic system with no mechanical parts
  • Innovative, anatomical 4-point fixation

The system is suitable for all degrees of urinary incontinence, and can also be used after radiotherapy.

UROTECH – A Medi-Globe company

UROTECH is one of the leading medical technology manufacturers in the area of minimally invasive urology interventions. Company specializes in endourology, percutaneus nephrostomy, suprapubic drainage, urinary incontinence and prostatic biopsy, pediatric urology.
UROTECH develops and manufactures the widest range of medical devices, including access sheaths, catheters, guide wires, stone baskets and ureteral stents, to efficiently facilitate the therapy of lithiasis.
UROTECH  – major urology brand and are committed to the highest quality standards for all products. As a “Med-Tech” manufacturer with many years of experience  Urotech is a reliable medical partner and are committed to developing successful treatments that are designed to support the daily work of health professionals and to improve patients quality of life.


Accordion Medical provides solutions for urologists to improve their control during kidney stone URS and PCNL procedures.  Better control means less time, less devices, less risk to the patient, and less cost to the hospital.  The Accordion URS, the CoAx URS, and the CoAx PCNL devices prevent stone fragment migration and facilitate fragment removal.

OTU Medical

OTU Medical Inc.is a Silicon Valley based medical technology company founded by a group of serial entepreneurs and professionals. Company focuses on the innovations and development of single-use endoscopic instruments in urology. WiScope Single-Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope