A.M.I. – Agency for Medical Innovations – is an Austrian manufacturer of medical technology. All medical products are made according to the highest quality standards, and enable doctors to take even better care of their patients.
Together with leading surgeons and institutions the world over, A.M.I. develops innovative products and treatment methods for surgical use.

Choose the RIGHT solutions for your patients suffering from
pelvic floor disorders or stress urinary incontinence.

A.M.I  can offer you an impressive product portfolio in:

  • A range of solutions to treat different types of pelvic organ prolapse ( i-Stich minimally-invazive way of placing sutures in the pelvic floor; InGYNious, BSC Mesh, endoGYNious / PelviGYNious – ultralight mesh implants.
  • A range of slings for treatment of stress urinary incontinence – treatment of stress urinary incontinence (SUI) has been performed since 1997 with TVT slings. 10 years data after implantation of adjustable A.M.I. slings show excellent and durable results. sensiTVT makes sense because it passively adapts sub- and paraurethrally to the patient’s anatomy.