„ACUSON Sequoia“ ultrasound System.

Transfers you to a new understanding of ultrasound quality

The first generation of the ACUSON Sequoia ™ is undoubtedly the most popular ultrasound system ever created. The ACUSON Sequoia has been and continues to be the industry benchmark for image quality, color sensitivity and advanced picture modes. The new ACUSON Sequoia is an extraordinary evolution of a product that has been very suitable in many ways.

Image quality has a new standard

The first direct advantage of the new ACUSON Sequoia is its ultra-fast, fully focused B-mode image, without sacrificing near-field or far-field resolution. Siemens Healthineers have developed unique and patented technologies that allow ACUSON Sequoia to virtually eliminate color flash artifacts and penetrate deeper than conventional ultrasound systems. The second direct advantage is color flow and sensitivity to color without blinking or motion artifacts. The third advantage is deep tissue penetration without compromising diagnostic quality. Our team has thoroughly researched a solution that allows doctors to diagnose patients of all sizes with confidence and clarity. These investigations led to the discovery of a new sensor, DAX. With the ACUSON Sequoia, we can deliver unprecedented depth for the first time without compromising on diagnostic quality. The DAX (deep belly transducer) can penetrate as deep as 40 cm.

Personalize when it matters

Ultrasound is expected to provide clear and timely answers to important clinical questions. These answers must be given in the most accurate and reproducible manner possible. The new ACUSON Sequoia addresses these challenges with a comprehensive suite of advanced applications to personalize ultrasound. With the power of the new ACUSON Sequoia, our elastography solution has become better. Contrast-enhanced ultrasound allows for detailed real-time assessment of vascular morphology. With the new ACUSON Sequoia, contrast agents have a significantly longer viewing time, giving doctors more time to scan for additional sporadic lesions during their examinations and doubling their sensitivity.

A user-created system for users.

The variability inherent in the ultrasound scanning process can be problematic for interpreting physicians. To eliminate volatility, Siemens Healthineers conducted 170 workshops with 365 ultrasound users around the world to create an ultrasound system that was designed by the user for the user.

BioAcoustic ™ imaging technology

With ACUSON Sequoia, each individual component is assembled so that the system can accurately follow the ultrasound signal along the signal path. From power supplies to receivers and graphics processors; By compacting the faceless converter connectors to the inverter lens, we sought to preserve the acoustic fidelity of the signal. All of this is driven by the goal of accurately representing human biology. Siemens Healthineers calls this bioacoustic imaging technology.


Everything you need, nothing unnecessary.

ACUSON Juniper ™ Ultrasound System is a high-performance, general-purpose ultrasound system capable of scanning almost every patient, regardless of size, weight, or condition, providing high diagnostic reliability across all departments. It offers great capabilities built into one of the smallest ultrasonic systems in the industry. Capable of accommodating most hospital offices, the ACUSON Juniper weighs an average of 27% less and is up to 36% smaller than other conventional systems in its class.

Wherever the shape fits into the ACUSON Juniper, it has been designed to deliver high-precision transmitting and receiving audio signals that greatly reduce noise and offer superior image quality and market-leading elasticity solutions. This clinical versatility coupled with industry-leading elastographic imaging, ACUSON Juniper, enables you to expand your ultrasound clinical and service capabilities to practically all patients and cases.


Designed specifically for your work, the ACUSON NX3 ™ Series ultrasonic systems are simple and straightforward, yet powerful. When the shape matches the function, the result is an intuitive and intelligent ultrasound system that will help improve the performance of your medical facility. The ACUSON NX3 Series offers innovative imaging solutions for collaborative radiology, cardiology and gynecology.

ACUSON NX3 ultrasonic system

Features and Benefits

The Siemens ACUSON NX3 offers advanced workflow solutions designed to deliver consistent and accurate results, even in the most active clinical setting. With up to 28% fewer keystrokes and 3x more user-friendly settings, the ACUSON NX3 system is faster and more intuitive than traditional ultrasound systems, creating a clinical experience that suits you, your specialty and your patients.

Designed for maximum flexibility, the ACUSON NX3 system offers an intuitive user interface with up to 28% fewer keystrokes and 3x more customizable settings than conventional ultrasonic systems.

Improve your processes with workflow innovation

With the exclusive Syngo® Auto OB measurement capability, standard anatomical measurements can be performed faster.

Increase productivity with advanced imaging technology

The ACUSON NX3 system has the largest screen in its class (21.5 ”), as well as a 220 ° cavity sensor that extends your field of view by up to 75%. Together, these technologies provide a more complete picture of ultrasound imaging.


Designed with clinical reliability, process efficiency and future sustainability in mind, the ACUSON NX2 ™ Ultrasound System is the solution that delivers superior image performance in clinical trials. The ACUSON NX2 Elite is the new ACUSON NX series with the largest 21.5-inch 1080p HD display in its class. The system has 16 imaging technologies and features including advanced fourSight ™ technology, DTI ™ Doppler Tissue Imaging capabilities and eSie Touch ™ elastic imaging. The ACUSON NX2 Elite also supports CW2 and CW5 sensors, as well as the new 10MC3 endocavital sensor.