Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery and Angiosurgery

Interventional Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery and Angiosurgery – Interventional treatment – one of the most developing and expanding scopes of medicine in the latter decades. Industry companies of interventional tools are constantly improving their production with the latest top performing technologies.

Interventional CardiologyTerumo’s interventional systems is one of the world’s leading products group in cardiovascular care area, supplying small amout of invasive tools for coronary blood-vessel treatment. The base of Terumo’s philosophy is to manufacture and sell only high quality instruments, using unique and inovative technologies.

Terumo suggests a wide spectrum of instruments, for example, products used in diagnostics and products used for complex treatment of coronary arteries.

Interventional Angiosurgery Terumo, while being the leading company in minimal manufacture of invasive products, suggests a wide variety of therapeutic and curative tools used in endovascular procedures and peripheral blood-vessel treatment.

Cardiac SurgeryTerumo’s cardiac surgery product group is widely used in everyday practise while performing various heart and blood-vessel procedures. Most importantly, special attention is devoted verifying high quality and satisfying expectations of clients.